should you pressure wash your windows?

Should you pressure wash your windows?

There are many people here in the Daytona Beach area, including in Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, and DeLand, who opt to have their windows pressured washed. While there are no shortage of pressure washing companies that offer to pressure wash your windows, that may not be the best route to take. They may offer the service and want your business, but it could mean bad news for your windows.

Most window manufacturer's warn their customers to not use a pressure washer on their windows. Some even say to not use a garden hose on them. If you review the window care and maintenance instructions put out by window manufacturer's, you will see that they tell consumers to not pressure wash their windows. This includes such window companies as Pella, Jeld Wen, and ReliaBilt, among others. Window manufacturing companies routinely recommend that you do not pressure wash your windows. Even companies that sell windows warn customers to not pressure wash their windows.

There are numerous reasons why window companies caution people to not pressure wash their windows, which include:

  • That it can break the seal in the window (which will leave it foggy and in need of repair or replacement).
  • It can damage the paint and molding around the window, as well as damage the screen.
  • It can create a seal failure that leaves you with water trapped between the panes of glass.
  • Water could leak into the home if the caulking is need of repair or if the pressure washing causes a breakdown in the caulking.
  • That it can break your window.

If your windows are still under warranty and you have them pressure washed against the manufacturer's warning to not do so, you may end up voiding your warranty or running into problems. 

Pressure washing windows will also do nothing to ensure that your windows look great, inside and out, and that your screens and tracks are properly cleaned. To get a great window cleaning inside and outside, as well as have your screens and tracks properly cleaned, you need a professional window cleaner. By sticking with a professional window cleaner, your windows will get the best possible cleaning and care. This will help keep your windows stay in great condition, keep a pressure washer from possibly damaging your windows, and will keep you seeing clearly.

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